3D PRINTED CHOC ... I Would Inhale One of These!

Can we now make our own choc using 3d printed tech? Are we now officially in the future? Us geeks are gonna get fat! P.H :) I'll even start going to the gym! 

XOCO is a 3d-printer that can create customized objects in chocolate, aimed at innovative restaurants, serious hobby cooks, and their guests. Current 3d-printers are usually technical, business-like objects, and with this project we wanted to show that also in this category it is possible to create a product which not only works great, but feels right in the food-centered environments where it is intended for.

3D Printed Chocolate Machine

Anticipation plays a critical part of pleasure. When one holds one's piece of chocolate for a moment too long, one’s fingers can end up looking quite, you know... durty :) If your one of those maker types, by the time you 3D design, then 3d print the choc, your gonna have to lift your tongue off the floor. And guess what, they've even got an app for it! 

3D printed Choc Application

The XOCO 3d-printer is based on a polar coordinate system with a rotating buildplate and a single pillar from which both printhead and glass cover are suspended. Everything in the design contributes to giving the process of printing a visually open impression, adding to the experience of creating your customized sweets. Special attention is given to the interactive aspect of the process, with a glanceable multicolour LED ring guiding the user through the printing process. All elements of the XOCO ecosystem of product, graphics, interaction, app and consumables contribute to a perfect creative experience for cooks and their guests. XOCO is a conceptual design and it is not for sale.

3d printed choc machine Gif

Wouldn't it be cool to give a choc with your lovers name on it? Or with your name on it... to yourself. This level of custom made geeky deliciousness offers yet another way to have foreplay. If your a guy, you should look that word up in a dictionary. Either way, I would love to get my filthy paws on one of these.