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HOOL design exclusive modern day heirlooms using 3D design processes and 3D printed technology.




We offer a very personal service and are happy to talk to clients at any stage of the process. In fact we insist that we briefly meet or chat to get to know each other and your project a little. The brief development stage enables us to provide a design direction, which is an essential dialogue that sets the tone for concept design.

Our design journey starts with a focus on originality in form, function and design processes. Then with a focus on design for manufacture. Your product will be illustrated through 3D visualisation and also delivered to you as a 3D printed product prototype. When you are satisfied with the final product, the 3D design files are yours to keep and do custom orders on demand any time you wish with our manufacturing partners. 

We partner with specialist manufacturers Kwambio and Shapeways to produce your products. Kwambio are our 3D printed ceramics material manufacturing specialists and Shapeways are our brass, bronze, silver and gold materials manufacturing specialists. 







 The stark, pared-down aesthetic of HOOL’s creations make their objects translate seamlessly from one room to another. We’re digging its faceted Dathúil vase, which can stand as a work of art all on its own.


What Jon Burgerman Says;

“It’s been a dream come true to make the pizza plate. I’ve been thinking about making it for years so it’s incredible to see it finally realized, and it’s more beautiful and pizza-y that I imagined it would be.

The process was pretty simple for me, I just designed it and then Hool did all the complicated difficult technical stuff. A dream!”




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