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Product Description

Our Gravity Vases range are realized through the concept ‘Design in Motion’. The series convey the changing of shape over time by the force of gravity.

Utilising the animated technique known as blendshapes, the middle vase was created by animating the value of the blend node. In animated professional practice, the left and right vases are known as Key Pose A & B respectively, while the middle vase is their in- between.

Crafted in 3D printed ceramic using 3D clay printers and then traditionally fired and glazed by hand in a unique textured matte grey Engobe finish. We produce Gravity on demand, meaning a product is only ever made when you purchase it.

Production Time

Each product will be delivered within 2 - 3 weeks. We will keep you informed of your products status from purchase to delivery.

Free shipping to North America and Europe.

Hool offers complimentary shipping with all orders made in N. America and Europe.


You can return any item purchased on Hool within 14 days of the delivery date.

Taxes & Duties

If you live outside of Europe, you will pay taxes / import duties depending on which country you live in, when you receive your product.

Production Details

Each product is produced with fine ceramic powder, bound together with a binder in a ceramic 3D printing machine. Finally, they are traditionally sprayed, dipped or painted with ceramic glaze and fired in the kiln. Our 3D ceramic material is heat proofed to 500ºC with a lead-free non-toxic finish and fired again.

We produce all of our products on demand, meaning a product is only ever made when you purchase it. Our made on demand process means we avoid large inventories and as a result reduce energy waste. Gravity vases are watertight and a recyclable product.

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Each vase may be purchased separately at £200 (Free Shipping for people in North America and Europe).